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The Heart Lender


“Never again”, I said
Every single time I cried.
I kept saying I wouldn’t go back
You had left on me a scar, a mark;
Broken me inside, a thousand pieces
Shaken by a series of shivers and sobbings.

“Never again”, I promised myself
To leave our past on the shelf
To gather up dust. Memories
To be recollected by occasional reveries
Of when you had brought me back,
To you it was just a lark.

“Never again”, I promised
But that statement was missed,
Lost in the swift enchantment
Of your fast-dying Love and commitment.
But oh what a supreme blunder
As I was back crying, sad as ever.

“Never again”, I say,
Meaning it with all the rays of May.
The final curtain’s been drawn,
That chapter closed and gone.
Never again will I lend you my heart,
And that I mean with all that’s left of my Might.

Photo Credit: Kiomi

Tangy Orange kisses,





My Friend, Mariam

My friend, Mariam,
Your regular teenage girl,
She was seen as good,
Almost perfect,
Like she couldn’t do anything wrong.
But they were all wrong, even her,
She had fallen, so deep
Into an abyss of debauchery
Debauchery may be an over-statement
But that is how she sees it now.

My friend, Mariam,
Your regular teenage girl,
Had been bamboozled, if you may,
By the boy she loved, apparently.
She was not thinking anymore,
Just acting.
He proved to be good,
She believed he was, trusted him.
Even though he disappointed her so many times,
She still always went back to him.

My friend, Mariam,
Your regular teenage girl,
Was impressed by sweet words,
Words her love had spoken to her.
She had believed them.
She began to do what he asked
He asked for nudes, she sent them.
Not even thinking twice,
She let him kiss her, and touch her.
It was wrong but it felt so right.

My friend, Mariam,
Your regular teenage girl,
One day found the truth,
Her eyes were open to the light.
She knew she was being deceived,
She knew this was not right.
She made a pact with herself to change,
To be good. She told her love,
But he wouldn’t have anything
To do with her anymore.

My friend, Mariam,
Your regular teenage girl,
Had been heartbroken once again,
But this time she was happy,
Happy that she had seen the light,
Happy that she was not under the spell of that boy,
That jerk, who only wanted her for pleasure,
After all the sweet words and promises.
That Mariam who believed him is gone now,
Never to return.