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‘Tis The Season

Hi there! I’m back again haha. I’m really sorry for this ‘on again-off again’ thing I’ve been doing, you know school and all, but I’m glad to be done for this term and it’s almost Christmas (yay!). I’m not really a fan of the holidays (I know, weird), I just don’t really feel any vibe when Christmas is here, coupled with the fact that I don’t really do anything special for the holidays, just stay home and watch TV.

I’m not saying that the idea of Christmas is vacuous or anything, in fact it’s the total opposite of that as it signifies the birth of Jesus Christ, the one who God sent to die for the world. So why don’t I feel the vibe? It’s because Christmas has lost its meaning over the years. I tend to forget that Christmas is about the birth of Jesus and focus on all the partying and food (btw I don’t eat that much and I get bored at parties haha). So with that on my mind, I tend to almost dread the coming of Christmas, but with time I’ve come to realise that Christmas is not just about the eating and drinking…


Christ was born in this season;
Heaven sent, this is the lesson,
Remember this, take time to reason;
In Bethlehem, born to die,
Sent by God, bringing redemption from the lie.
Think about this in your heart, because in the
Midst of all the merriment and party,
All this is about Jesus,
Sent down for a great cause.

So with that in mind, Give, Love, Rejoice!

Merry Christmas in advance!!!


Photo Credit: Free Images/Julia Freeman-Woolpert


Gingerbread cookie kisses,



The Heart Lender


“Never again”, I said
Every single time I cried.
I kept saying I wouldn’t go back
You had left on me a scar, a mark;
Broken me inside, a thousand pieces
Shaken by a series of shivers and sobbings.

“Never again”, I promised myself
To leave our past on the shelf
To gather up dust. Memories
To be recollected by occasional reveries
Of when you had brought me back,
To you it was just a lark.

“Never again”, I promised
But that statement was missed,
Lost in the swift enchantment
Of your fast-dying Love and commitment.
But oh what a supreme blunder
As I was back crying, sad as ever.

“Never again”, I say,
Meaning it with all the rays of May.
The final curtain’s been drawn,
That chapter closed and gone.
Never again will I lend you my heart,
And that I mean with all that’s left of my Might.

Photo Credit: Kiomi

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Sharing Wednesday

Hi guys! So I’m starting something called the Sharing Wednesday where share poetry or any work of art I found interesting in the past week. Enjoy!

So this is something that was written by my very good friend, Israel. I really loved it so I just had to share it, it has no title yet though but I just had to!

A question that sometimes drives me hazy,
Am I or are the others crazy?
I hear and see a lot of persons
Utter the words:
“There’s no God”,
“God is dead”,
And each time,
I wonder, are they drunks?
Are they possessed?
Or simply ignorant of the fact that God is just merciful? That’s why
They can still breathe after uttering such.

You went to bed last night
With no idea how you were gonna wake up,
But, you did wake up,
Now, tell me, who made that happen?,
You go about your daily activities and nothing harmful comes your way,
How did that happen?
Your wife takes in and in the space of nine months,
A new being, well formed and designed is born,
And yet you’ve the nerve to say there’s no God,
That he doesn’t exist,
How dare you?!

The sole reason why you were created was to bring glory to his name,
So, if your life is not preaching God, then you’re being ungrateful.
Restitute your ways!
You shall succeed.

Oreo chocolate kisses,

Musings on a School Trip

Sitting on the bus;

My laptop on my laps;

Talking to no one;

My friends are in the other bus, how sad.

Now I’m next to a guy;

I’m probably not going to talk him for the rest of the trip;

It’s so hot out today, a perfect day ice cream;

Why do I have to go to school??

Okay I know the answer to that, but still…

A couple sitting in front of me;

They’re probably going to kiss soon;

I feel nauseated already;

I hate school trips;

Sleep calls…

Two Limericks, Two Prompts

Two Limericks, Two Prompts

No serene place, no spot
Where I don’t have a flow of thoughts.
My pen always seems to dance anywhere
I know my inspiration is near,
Doesn’t matter if my piece is long or short.

The devil’s weapon,
A draft, my saving grace when thoughts come
So they’re not forgotten by the morning sun
And washed away into extinction.

Photo cred: Free Images

Why Am I Here?

When I started this blog, I had just one goal: to share my thoughts with people through spoken word and poetry. Basically, writing on anything that popped into my head. However, as time went, I began to see there’s so much more I can do besides writing poetry.

I found the Blogging U. courses and found a way to improve my Writing skills. Since I started the blog I’ve done just Writing 201 but even that, to a great extent has opened my eyes to new forms of poetry and how I can express myself better. I have also connected with many other bloggers/writers who have also encouraged and inspired me.

As I continue with this blog, I hope to connect with many other bloggers and writers and learn more from them, life is a learning process so one can never stop learning. I also want to take up more Blogging U. courses to improve my Writing skills and help me to see things from a wider point of view.

I hope to never lose inspiration to continue this blog, and if it is ever lost, I hope it is renewed again and again.