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Job’s Checklist

Today’s Writing 101 prompt was to make a list. Here’s a list of things I learned from Job.

There was a man called Job
Who lived in the town of Uz
A long long time ago.
He was upright, that’s no news;
Of him the Lord found it right to boast.
His heart was pure,
A pact he made with his eyes not to stray
So he would find favour with God,
Who would show him the way.
He didn’t think bad thoughts towards anyone.
Integrity was his watch word,
He stood by what he said,
He stood strong in faith in the Lord.
Even when on the sick bed,
He wouldn’t utter a cursing word.
He was an encourager,
A comforter to those in distress.
Do you help make situations better,
Or help to make them worse,
By the discouraging words you utter?
He was a worshiper,
He gave praise even in trouble,
Not complaining every hour
Of how his life was rubble,
Even sacrificed for his sons and daughters.
Job was generous,
He gave with his heart.
Do you make people smile or find sadness humorous?
Do you play your part,
Or rejoice at others’ loss?



I Write Because…

I write because I can. There’s so much going on that I can write about. So many issues in this world to deal with, I believe I can make the little change I can with my writing.

I write because I want to. I’m interested in writing so I write.

I write because life can be cruel. You don’t always get what you want in this life, but I can always write what I want πŸ™‚ .

I write because I have pen and paper.

I write because I have an imagination.

I write because I make mistakes and learn from them.

I write because I must.
For Writing 101: Day 1