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A Windy Day In The Woods


They danced and swayed together, to the unheard rhythm of the wind, in perfect synchronization.

None was complaining of how they had been dancing ‘for like forever’, they all danced with the same enthusiasm.

None was trying to outshine another, it was a perfect choreography. They were all complementing each other as they should’ve.

None was trying to ‘be the boss’, telling them how they were supposed to move or when they should stop, they all listened to the rhythm and knew when to move like it was jointly planned.

None was making fun of another with less branches or leaves, they all respected how every one of them were made.

None commanded another to stop dancing, because it wasn’t old enough or tall enough, or it was ‘too fat’ or ‘too thin’. They all accepted they were the same and danced together.

When the rhythm ceased, they ceased to dance, all giving a seemingly rehearsed bow. The show was over, I began to find my way back home hoping for another windy day in the woods when I can come watch the trees give their show once again.

In response to the Writing 101 image prompt above.