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I Missed You, Yes, You!!

Hola! Salut! Ciao, fellow inhabitants of blogging-land. How have you all been? I’m sorry that I have neglected you all for so long. I’ve just been too busy with school and other things that I never have time to even visit my neighbours’ blogs, talk less of updating mine. I even have exams coming up but I know that God is with me.

I really didn’t plan this post before I started writing haha, I just thought I should say hi to you all. Unfortunately, I could not finish my Writing101 course because I’ve been busy but I will try to do some assignments before this week runs out (sorry my Writing101 friends :oops:).

Today is Tuesday and I really love tuesdays, mainly because I’m always exceptionally happy and have only 3 classes at school 😁. I’m actually on my way to school right now and listening to music, which reminds me of when someone said I listen to weird music 😂😂. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not weird (most of the time ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).

Basically, the thing is I donโ€™t listen to just any kind of music. I mostly listen to Pop, RnB, Rap and Alternative Rock (you could add a bit of rock there too). Anyways, I can be very selective with the artistes I listen to, I don’t just download any hit song just because everyone has that song. If I don’t like the artiste then I won’t get the song. Also, a major turn off for me is when a song contains too many ‘bad’ words and doesn’t make sense to me. That kind of song has no business in my music library AT ALL!

I listen mostly to artistes/bands like U2, Paramore, Adele, Ella Henderson, Meghan Trainor, Lecrae and other related ones. I also listen to gospel artistes like Tasha Cobbs, Kierra Sheards, Smokie Norful, Tye Tribett and so on, they really lift up my spirits :mrgreen: (took a cue from Amina 😆)

Haha so even though I veered off topic (not that I had any topic at first 😂), at least you all learned something about me โ˜บ. Well I’m back now and I promise to post at least once a week, just so you don’t miss me too much ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰ .

BTW here’s a question for you all, how have you been and what kind of music do you like?

Strawberry kisses,

Past Mistakes

Past Mistakes

If I say I am a perfect human I would be wrong. I make mistakes, we all do. But one thing I know, one thing I stand by, is that when I make a mistake I try as much as possible not to make that sameย mistake anymore.

It is just like when you are solving a math equation, if you do not get it right the first time, you go back, look at what you did wrong and correct it. So the next time you’re solving a similar equation you will be careful not to make that same mistake again.

I just resumed school but we have had two assessments already. In the first assessment, I did not really do well in my essays because I made some mistakes. In my reports, my teachers commented on the things I did right and the things I did, well, not so right. They also advised me on how I could improve on my essays.

Putting what they told me into consideration, I wrote my second assessment and looked out for all those mistakes. When I was done, I was sure I had written better essays than the ones I wrote in my first assessment.

The point I am trying to make is that, many people have different principles and codes they live by, but if there is only one thing I stand for, it is not repeating past mistakes.

Get at me in the comments section, what principles do you live by?

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