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Hook ’em With a Quote (or two ;))

“To live is the most rarest thing. Most people exist, that is all.”

– Oscar Wilde

I watched a video recently on the Top 10 African Queens in history, of course those Queens had power and were brave and all but above that something struck me. The person that was giving the commentary said that those Queens weren’t ranked based on their power or bravery, but on how they had made an impact in their kingdoms.

That was the same day I received the Writing 101 prompt to write a blog post based on a quote. I was checking the Goodreads site for quotes and I found that one above, it really spoke to me. Unfortunately, I could not post that day because I was busy with school work and all. That day was Friday by the way. I could not also post on Saturday because I decided to take a break and just read other blog posts.

I had totally forgotten I wanted to make this post until today when I noticed the calendar hanging on the wall in my room had not been flipped to November (I’ve been a bit too busy lol). Well it’s a quote calendar with different quotes for each month so when I flipped it to November I saw this quote which is totally related to the quote prompt I chose above.

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others?”

– Mahatma Gandhi

I had this “Oh shoot!” moment and immediately rushed to write this.
Wow, I’ve totally veered off topic. Well, the prompt was to write on a quote that inspires us and I found this quote by Oscar Wilde. It really struck me because of the meaning behind it.

So what does it mean to “live”?
To “live” is to pass through this world, no, to make the world pass through you (this basically means touching as many people as you can positively), making a difference, impacting people’s lives, putting smiles on others’ faces, making people feel your absence when you’re gone… I could go on and on but I think you get the main idea.

Now what does it mean to “exist”?
Existing is just the opposite of living. It’s passing through this world without anyone feeling your presence.

From the quote, Oscar Wilde is basically saying that most of the world’s population is just existing, not living. But the question that is posed to each and every one of us, including myself, is are we living or existing? What are we doing to help others? I know this question has been asked so many times but it’s something that should always be asked. We should reflect on that.

This post was a bit long but I hope you get the main idea. I hope y’all had blissful Sunday. Thanks for reading and have a lovely night! ☺