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To You, Future Me

Dear Aanu,

It’s me, I know you know me, more than anyone else in fact. I hope you have not forgotten me. I hope I am still there, even in the foggiest of memories. I hope you have forgiven me, yourself, for all the mistakes I made, I hope you have gotten on your feet and made something of yourself.

Do you love yourself even more now? Do you still care about what other people might think of you? Do still say, “Oh they might not like me, they’ll think I’m stupid”. Do you still shy away from the good things life has to offer because you’re “not bold enough” or “not tall enough”? I hope you don’t. I hope you are now bolder, more fearless and more powerful than ever. I hope you stand for what you believe in, I hope you stand for what is right.

Did you fulfil your childhood dreams? Do you still have more dreams that you want to see happen? Did you have to work really hard, or they came to you easy – I really hope they did not, good things don’t come easy. Did you face many obstacles, how did you overcome them? Which ones were really difficult? I hope you’re happy with whatever you have become, I hope you don’t have major regrets. I hope you are not satisfied with where you are and you are still looking towards a better future.

Have you found love, or is it just a myth? Is he like the men in the movies? Is he tall, dark and handsome like you always dreamed? Does he buy you flowers and write you poems? Does he love you despite all your flaws? Does he hold your hand and know when you’re down? Does he understand you like no one else does? Even if he does not fit perfectly into the description, I hope you are happy, whoever he is.

Are there flying cars now? Can you teleport to other dimensions? Is there time travel? Have robots taken over the world? I hope not. These are some things I would really like to know, but you can’t reply me because you don’t exist yet. You’re in me, waiting to be born. I hope your birth is a glorious one.